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Consulting Abroad office in Nis is searching for experienced, polite and outgoing persons with excellent English skills – both written and spoken. We are looking for people who want to support our clients and provide high class customer service.


Job Description:


  • Training and development of the skills you need to have is provided. Your addition to our team will bring new dimension to the quality of our service.
  •  Job is done from the office with the team that is knowledgeable, high achieving and experienced.
  •  Working time: Monday – Friday 8:30-17:00
  •  Saturday and Sunday are days off.




  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills. Good organizational skills. Ability to work in the team.
  •  Communication with clients via email.
  •  Record and case analyses. Following procedures and scripts.
  •  Leading clients through the procedure to the solution.
  •  Providing feedback to the customers.
  •  Regular monitoring of the case status and providing / receiving feedback from the customers.
  •  Responding on email messages with compulsory adherence to the scripts in the domain of the job.
  •  Experienced in computer skills.
  •  Familiar with WordPress and Google Ads.

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