Remote Airbnb Manager: Guest Care And Listing Management 57 pregleda

Is hospitality your Love Language? Does diffusing an angry guest and turning their 1-star experience into a 5-star review make your day a success?

If so, then this is the job for you. Looking for someone to join our team as a guest care manager.

When not busy taking care of guests, we’ll ask for your help on the administrative side. If you have Social Media experience, we’ll especially ask for your help there.

Fluency in English required; American or British accent prefered.

We’re currently hiring for 2 shifts:

4pm – Midnight Eastern Time M-F

8am – Midnight Saturday & Sunday

(Note there will be about 8 hours of administrative tasks assigned for the weekend shift. The remainder of your time, you’ll be free to work on the go via cell phone.

To apply, please send a copy of your resume and a description of your hospitality side customer service experience. Please also include a sample voice recording (a description of your work self is perfect, but anything will do).

Location: This is a work from home position, but preference given for those based in Belgrade

Pay: USD$ 5-7/Hour

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