Digital Marketing Technologist


Good day,


We are a technology company that has been operating for over 10 years. We are focused on hiring great people for long-term relationships.


The person we are looking for should have the following traits and experience:



  •       Excellent English communication (written and spoken).
  •       Committed for long-term working relationships.
  •       Loyal and passionate with the business.
  •       Critical thinking and problem-solver.
  •       Fast learner.
  •       Willing to work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain
  •       Great interpersonal communication.
  •       Sharing knowledge about pertinent processes, CRM software management with clients and internal collaborators.
  •       Focused on the task with the interest of getting things done and enjoys the challenge.
  •       Being a reliable person with integrity and loyalty for the company.
  •       Honest and transparent person.
  •       A person that will be coherent in doing what they say will be done.
  •       An individual thinker that will share ideas or ask questions to have clear expectations about the assigned tasks/projects.
  •       Self-motivated.
  •       Self-driven.
  •       Disciplined.
  •       Organized.




  •       Knowledge of Infusionsoft software.
  •       Experience gathering, cleaning, and managing email data.
  •       MS Excel management for matching, cleaning and reporting data.
  •       Loading data back into a database.
  •       Automation of marketing funnels/email delivery software.
  •       Input forms on web pages, thank you pages.
  •       Build landing pages in word press page builder / click funnels
  •       Tech support for web designers
  •       Automation of tags, confirmation messages, reminders.
  •       Create lead generation databases
  •       Knowledge on how to develop individualized personalization strategies for customers.
  •       1 – 2 year experience in data management, digital marketing (funnels, email administration) or a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
  •       Experience running Facebook, Google, Social Media ads


If you consider that you are a good fit for this position, please apply to our job posting.


Thank you!


Best regards


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