Quality Assurance Lead

Edge Technologies, doo a subsidiary of Edge Technologies, Inc. is seeking a quality assurance leader to build a new department in Belgrade, Serbia. The QA leader will help to assure that we live our mission, of connecting intelligence. Edge is a principle focused company. Our principles are:

  1. We are customer focused
  2. We are self-starters
  3. We are innovative
  4. We take ownership
  5. We take risks
  6. We aren’t afraid to fail, but we succeed way more often
  7. We learn aggressively and teach early

To facilitate meeting our commitments to each other and our customers, the ideal resource will have mastery in some or most of the following:

  • Create, maintain, increase automated test coverage in JUnit, SoapUI and Selenium
  • Create and maintain behavior driven test plan
  • Work with key customer accounts (advocate role)
  • Work with support to understand, reproduce and prioritize customer reported defects
  • Work with professional services to test and validate professional services work
  • Create and maintain validation and verification of build
  • Verify defect remediation
  • Participate in the sprint and scrum agile processes
  • Manage test systems (Instances/Data/Configuration/Connections)
  • Perform penetration testing Manage compliance

This position will start off as an individual contributor, where you will get the chance to design the policies and procedures for the QA department. Once we’ve worked out the issues, this group is scheduled to grow to scale as our company grows to accommodate multiple project teams.


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